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Look UP New York

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This gallery contains all 91 images that comprised TOWN Residential’s three month long, Look Up New York marketing campaign.
The campaign, Look Up New York,  was the brainchild of Nicole Oge, TOWN’s Senior Vice President of marketing.  As a true marketer, Nicole was, is, constantly thinking of creative ways to present New York City neighborhoods in imaginative and compelling ways.

At first, her muses were purely visual, images that caused her to reflect and think more deeply. And then, they just came out and shouted, “Nicole, Look up! Look up here!”  And so the campaign was born.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t also say that Elizabeth Finkelstein’s excellent and thoughtful research and writing helped to make this campaign, not only a unique avenue to market New York City’s neighborhoods through an understanding of it’s architecture, but an opportunity to further the reach of New York City’s architectural preservation movement.

Thank you ladies, and thank you New York City architects from our glorious past who have made this city the most architecturally relevant and inspirational destination in the world.